The study of all living organisms botany the study of

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Unformatted text preview: s or syllables of a series of words acrophobia fear of heights adapt to adjust or modify something ad hoc (from Latin for for this) created right now, or improvised, for a specific purpose ad hominem (from Latin for to the man) argument that attacks someone’s character rather than facts by appealing to the emotions rather than the intellect adjacent bordering on, being next to, or close, or neighboring adopt to accept as one’s own advocate a person who argues on behalf of an idea or another person aerobic something or someone that utilizes oxygen in order to live 232 glossary affect to modify or change something an abnormal fear of open spaces, crowds, and public areas agoraphobia agrarian relating to the cultivation of the land or farming all ready the state of being prepared for something all together all ways allocate already a group of things or persons gathered together every method or path available to set aside for a specific purpose by this time entirely, completely unselfishly interested in the welfare of others forever, as in time unclear, unspecific, open to interpretation altogether altruistic always ambiguous amiable friendly, good-natured, comfortable with others amnesia in extreme cases, the total loss of memory amnesty the granting of a pardon, or immunity for an offense, by a head of state anachronism something that is out of order chronologically or belongs to another time analogy a comparison between two things that suggests that they are similar...
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