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Unformatted text preview: ny through telephone wires or a cable company through TV cables. I saw lots of TV commercials promising better, faster download time, but I don’t want to change my Internet service provider. 7. search engine. Computer software that searches the Internet for documents containing a keyword, phrase, or subject you submit. Many people type their own name into a search engine to see where they appear on the Internet; the results can be surprising. 8. social networking. Websites that enable people to meet and share information. MySpace.com and Facebook.com are two extremely popular and competitive social networking sites. 9. spam. Unrequested commercial messages usually sent as emails. Many computer users complain that unwanted spam messages are a frequent and unpleasant interruption. 10. streaming. To stream is to flow, as in a river. As a computer word, streaming refers to the technology that enables the delivery of a steady stream of information or images, such as a streaming video of a live concert. Viewing streaming video on a computer feels like watching a private showing of a blockbuster film on your own personal movie screen! 11. URL (Uniform Resource Locator). The system used for specifying addresses on the Internet. Each individual file or page has its own URL, which is located...
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