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Unformatted text preview: I N C O M M O N E N G L I S H WO R D S Look at some of the many English words that have been built from one Greek root. chron: Greek root for time anachronism: something that is out of date or placed in the wrong time chronic: continuing over a long time, or recurring chronology: the sequence of events in time chronicle: a detailed record or description of past events synchronize: to cause to occur at the same time Now that you’ve seen samples of Latin and Greek roots and their descendants in modern English, take the following quiz to see how other roots are used in common words you may use every day. P R AC T I C E : L E A R N I N G N E W WO R D S A N D S E E I N G T H E I R R O OT S Circle the correct meaning for the italicized word in each sentence. 1. The Latin root am means love. An amiable person is a. talkative. b. truthful. c. well educated. d. friendly, good natured. 2. The Latin root plac means to please. A complacent person is one who a. makes frequent mistakes. b. is argumentative. c. is self-sati...
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