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Unformatted text preview: marriage with no children. d. a family with more than three children. words about families 149 9. Polygamy is the practice of a. marrying in late adolescence. b. marrying in early adolescence. c. marrying more than one spouse. d. marrying in a civil ceremony. 10. A new generation appears, on average, a. every 30 years. b. every 100 years. c. every 50 years. d. once each century. P R AC T I C E 2 : R E T E S T I N G YO U R K N OW L E D G E Do the following sentences use this lesson’s words correctly? Write T if the boldfaced word is used correctly and F if it is not. Read carefully; there may be tricks in the statements. _____ 1. A kin group is a group of persons descended from a common ancestor. _____ 2. The nuclear family usually contains two children. _____ 3. The study of genealogy is the exclusive work of anthropologists. _____ 4. A family that contributes great wealth to its community might be called a dynasty. _____ 5. Monogamy is the most common form of marriage in most European countries. _____ 6. Your fami...
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