Lecture 19 nuclear weapons

Lecture 19 nuclear weapons - Lecture 19 WMD: Issues of...

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Lecture 19 WMD: Issues of Nuclear Weapons 1. What makes nuclear weapons different? 1) The devastating effects 2) Its principal strategic purpose during the Cold War: deterrence (an act of preventing or controlling actions or behavior through fear of punishment or retribution). Assumptions of successful nuclear deterrence: second-strike capability; decision makers are rational; common knowledge; and similar defense capacity. Both the United States and the USSR achieved the second-strike capability in the 1960s. MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction). Misunderstandings and false nuclear alerts. Balance of terror : The balance of power between nations equipped with nuclear weapons, stemming from their fear of mutual annihilation in a nuclear war. 2. Classification of nuclear weapons 1) by delivery systems . Three basic types of long-range delivery systems: bombers, land-based and submarine- launched intercontinental ballistic missiles ( ICBMs and SLBMs ), and cruise missiles. 2) by their range and importance in nuclear deterrence. - Strategic (long-range) nuclear weapons: land-based ICBMs, SLBMs, and the bombs and cruise missiles carried on long-range bombers. Many strategic ballistic missiles carry multiple warheads, called MIRVED ( multiple independently-targeted reentry vehicles ) missiles (A missile that can deliver two or more nuclear warheads to distinct, separate targets) - Tactical nuclear weapons: shorter-range weapons allocated for regional use or for use in support of battlefield operations. Submarine-launched missiles (SLBMs): the least vulnerable part of the superpower
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Lecture 19 nuclear weapons - Lecture 19 WMD: Issues of...

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