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Second exam info - DIPL1101 Fall 2007 Second Exam...

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DIPL1101 Fall 2007 Second Exam Information I. The exam is scheduled for December 13th (Thursday), 10:45 am - 12:25 pm, at CH62. There will be three parts to the exam. Part I uses a multiple choice format; there will be twenty questions. In Part II you are asked to identify six terms from a list of eight. They should be answered with responses of 1-3 sentences in length (and no longer). Part III will be short answer questions (1-2 paragraphs; do not treat them as essay questions); you will have a choice of three out of five questions to answer. The exam covers material from Lecture 10 to Lecture 20 of the course. Material will come from assigned readings, lectures and lecture notes, and class discussions. Don’t forget to bring a blue book to the exam . Grading Part I: multiple choice 40% 20 questions, 2 pts. each Part II: term identification 30% 6 terms, 5 pts. each Part III: short answer 30% 3 questions, 10 pts. each II. How to answer the term and the short-answer questions : a. Sample term and answer: Cold War : the post-WWII rivalry between the United States and the Soviet Union, as well as their competing coalitions, which sought to contain each other’s expansion through an arms race, and win worldwide predominance for capitalism (U.S.) or communism (USSR). b. Sample question and answer: Question: Briefly discuss the main features of post-totalitarianism. Answer:
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/08/2008 for the course DIPL 1101 taught by Professor Huang during the Fall '07 term at Seton Hall.

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Second exam info - DIPL1101 Fall 2007 Second Exam...

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