film#4 - Journey of Transformation Dr. Thoms-Cappello 5...

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Journey of Transformation Dr. Thoms-Cappello 5 December 2007 Fight Club is an intense and exciting psychological thriller. The film looks at the repression of certain aspects of human nature in today’s professional society. It shows the way a group of men are able to deal with the emasculating effects of the social order through the physical violence. The film presents this in a very ambiguous and dark manner. Fight Club shows how one’s true ambitions have a way of surfacing and how ones mental state can be afflicted by also subjugating ones feelings. The film follows the title character through a series of events which ultimately lead to his demise. This main character played by Edward Norton is introduced to the audience in the midst of an insomnia battle and it is unknown how long he has been without sleep. After pleading with his doctor for help he is recommended to a local self help meeting for men with testicular cancer in order to put his troubles sleeping into focus. He becomes addicted to the sessions because it helps him to sleep, or as he expresses in the film, “Babies don’t sleep this well.” While attending these meetings he also continues on with work. On a business trip he meets Tyler Durden, a private soap manufacturer and salesman, who he says seems to be the most interesting person he has encountered so far. After returning from this trip he arrives at an apartment in flames
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film#4 - Journey of Transformation Dr. Thoms-Cappello 5...

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