electronic automation

Even the literature reinforces the fundamental nature

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Unformatted text preview: ivision-continue to be "bread-and-butter" operations. Even the literature reinforces the fundamental nature of these operations, for when a new machine is described, the times require for addition and multiplication are always included as significant features. The control unit directs the operation of ALU. What the ALU does is add, subtract, shift, and so on, when it is provided with the correct sequence of input signals. It is up to the control element to provide these signals, and it is the function of the memory units to provide the arithmetic element with the information that is to be used. Using a synthesis tool we simulate the design and are able to the designed system working even before fabrication of the IC. Thus in this project we design a ALU which performs all the operation in a single chip here the designer has the option of including any function of his choice . Here we can also design an ALU of any order like 3 bit, 7 bit ,15 bit etc.. which is unusual. VLSI DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF ASSOCIATE MEMORY USING VHDL I n this project of “VLSI design and implementation of Associate Memory using VHDL ” we design a complex digital circuit using the language V HDL...
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