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The number of access to the memory depends upon the

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Unformatted text preview: information read with the item being searched until a match occurs. The number of access to the memory depends upon the location and the efficiency of search algorithm. The time required to find an item stored in memory can be reduced considerably if stored data can be identified for access by the content of the data itself rather than by address .A memory unit accessed by content is called an ASSOCIATIVE MEMORY or CONTENT ADDRESSABLE MEMORY ( CAM ). This type of memory is accessed simultaneously and in parallel on the basis of data content rather than by specific address or location. when a word is written in associate memory no address is given. The memory is capable of finding empty unused location to store the word. Because of its organisation the associate memory is uniquely suited to do parallel; searches by data Association . Associate memory are used in application where the search time is critical and must be very short. VLSI DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF BUS ARBITER USING VHDL I n this project of “VLSI design and implementation of B us Arbiter using VHDL ” we design a complex digital circuit using the language V H...
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