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This final program is edited compiled synthesised and

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Unformatted text preview: eatures) by changing the instructions alone in the program and not the hardware. This final program is edited, compiled, synthesised and choosing the proper device we s imulate a nd see the result (working of the IC that we have designed) on the screen. Multiplexing means transmitting a large number of information units over a smaller number of channels or lines. A digital multiplexer is a combinational circuit that selects binary information from one of many input lines and directs it top a single output line. The selection of a particular input line is controlled by a set of selection lines. There are (2**n) input lines and n selection lines whose bit combinations determine which input is selected. Multiplexer circuits find numerous and varied applications in digital systems of all types. These applications include data selection, data routing, operation sequencing, parallel-to-serial conversion, waveform generation and logic function generation. Multiplexer can route data from one of several sources to one distination. Each Counter co...
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