electronic automation

This final program is edited compiled synthesised and

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Unformatted text preview: ram and not the hardware. This final program is edited, compiled, synthesised and using the proper device we s imulate a nd see the result (working of the IC that we have designed ) on the screen. A cell phone has several parameters. Each parameters validity & accessibility has to be checked before the operation of a cell phone either incoming or outgoing call. In order to execute the above we need a controller circuit which we call as cell phone controller. We design a cell phone controller using VLSI by programming in VHDL. THIS CONTROLLER CIRCUIT WILL CHECK FOR THE FOLLOWING VALIDITY: 1. Cell phone number. 6. Cell phone ON/OFF. 2. Account. 7. Battery charge present or not. 3. Simcard loaded or not. 8. Dialing a correct number 4. Activation done or not. 9. Attending at the receiving end etc. 5. Reachable area A connection could be established only if the required conditions are fulfilled. If not it is displayed at the output the reason for which the connection was not established. The above application is programmed in VHD...
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