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This is carried out designed by programming thus it

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Unformatted text preview: e than one lakh logic gates in a single chip . This is carried out (Designed) by Programming. Thus it is simple and easy to modify the existing design (add more features) by changing the instructions alone in the program and not the hardware. This final program is edited, compiled, synthesised and using the proper device we s imulate a nd see the result ( working of the IC that we have designed ) on the screen. As we all know the importance of ALU in CPU, designing Technology is a challenging task. the same using VLSI The arithmetic-logic unit performs arithmetic and logical operations on input data. This section of the machine can be relatively small, consisting of as little as part of a microprocessor chip. On the other hand, for large "number calculations," it can consist of a considerable array of high-speed logic components. Despite the variations in size and complexity, arithmetic and logical operations are always performed using the same principles. Although many functions can be performed by ALUs , the basic arithmetic operationsaddition, subtraction, multiplication, and d...
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