electronic automation

This is carried out designed by programming thus it

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Unformatted text preview: an one-lakh logic gates in a single chip. This is carried out (Designed) by Programming. Thus it is simple and easy to modify the existing design (add more features) by changing the instructions alone in the program and not the hardware. This final program is edited, compiled, synthesized and using the proper device we simulate and see the result (working of the IC that we have designed) on the screen. A computer has so many parts like monitor, keyboard, floppy disk drive, mouse, Hard disk drive, RAM, compact disk drive etc. In our PC Diagnostic card we check for their presence in the system first and later we check their functioning property before the system boots. If any one of the test fail the system will not boot. Also it has to tell us why the system has not boot. Hence we can correct the part (if the installation/connection was poor) and then try to reboot the system. This project is used by system/hardware engineers as a tool to diagnose the system. As it is automatic it is easy to handle. Without this tool we have to test each part...
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