electronic automation

Using this tool we are able to know the status of all

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Unformatted text preview: separately one by one which is tiresome. Using this tool we are able to know the status of all the parts of the computer in few seconds as a single report. Based on the status the error message is displayed in the LED. The above application is programmed into a single chip (VLSI). This IC is tested by giving input signal from switches and the output is monitored in the LED. In this way we can study the functioning of our designed digital circuit VLSI DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF ARITHMETIC LOGIC UNIT USING VHDL I n this project of “VLSI design and implementation of Arithmetic L ogic Unit using VHDL” we design a complex digital circuit using the language VHDL ( Very High Speed Integrated Circuit Hardware Description Language). As it is not possible to design such a complex digital circuit (consisting of more than 30,000 logic gates) manually to implement the above application, we use VLSI Technology for the solution. With this technology we can construct a very big digital circuit requiring mor...
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