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electronic automation

We all are now living in internet world with the help

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Unformatted text preview: we have designed) on the screen. We all are now living in Internet world. With the help of internet we are able to send and receive large amount of information in various forms (image, text, voice etc.) While carrying out such message (mail) transfer, how many files are delivered without fail? How many are delivered without intervention of third person? What ever we send is also received by others. Thus security is a major problem. Hence using the circuit known as encryptor, we encrypt the data before sending. Though any third person may happen to receive that file, he will not be able to open or read the file without the help of decryption code. In this way encryption and decryption circuits are helpful for secured communication. In this project of we design a complex digital circuit using the language V HDL ( V ery High Speed Integrated Circuit Hardware Description L anguage). As it is not possible to design such a complex digital circuit (consisting of more than 30,000 logic gates) manually to implement the above application, we use V...
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