electronic automation

When the counter select line is high the outputs of

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Unformatted text preview: nsist of two cascaded BCD stages and each one is driven by its own clock signal. When the counter select line is HIGH, the outputs of counter 1 will be allowed to pass through the multiplexers to the decoder/drivers to be displayed on the LED readouts. When the COUNTER SELECT =0, the outputs of counter 2 will pass through the multiplexers to the displays. VLSI AND VLSI DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION ENCODER DECODER OF ENCODER & DECODER USING VHDL I n this project of “VLSI design and implementation of E ncoder & Decoder using VHDL ” we design a complex digital circuit using the language V HDL (V ery High Speed Integrated Circuit Hardware Description Language). As it is not possible to design such a complex digital circuit (consisting of more than 30,000 logic gates) manually to implement the above application, we use VLSI Technology for the solution. With this technology we can construct a very big digital circuit requiring more than one lakh logic gates in a single chip . This is carried out (Designed) by Programming. Thus it is simple and easy to modify the existing desig...
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