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Councell 1 Judy Councell LANG 120 Molly Walling 18 March 2008 A Mighty Difference You’ve likely heard about it, maybe even saw it happen on the internet in 2002, when Pakistani terrorists beheaded Jewish American journalist Daniel Pearl. His surviving wife Mariane Pearl, attempts to retell the tragic tale in her novel, “A Mighty Heart” also made into a film of the same title, starring Angelina Jolie. Six months pregnant at the time, she writes the story not only in an attempt to show their son Adam who his father was, but to overcome the terrorists by opposing them with the strength they tried to take out of her. The fast paced movie and touching novel both try to cover the hectic attempt to rescue Danny, although different aspects play into the separate experiences of both. Set in the bustling and distrustful city of Karachi, the novel begins with touching descriptions of Danny intertwined with the beginnings of purposefully confusing political talk, demonstrating the type of hectic atmosphere around them. Mariane spends a considerable amount of time reveling over heart wrenching memories that embody the quirky, charming, and courageous personality of Danny. Painfully recalling her last moments before Danny leaves for his ill-fated interview, she ironically recounts how she “occasionally [likes] to be separated from him…just to savor [the] feeling [they had] -painful but delicious-”. (Pg.15) After he fails to return home that night however, the story truly begins as we are introduced to the main characters and the roles that they will play in the hopeful search-and-rescue of Daniel. As soon as Mariane senses that it has been too long since Daniel’s departure, Daniel’s
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Councell 2 colleague from the Wall Street Journal, Asra, is right beside her, writing down names and numbers of involved suspects, trying to piece together who and what was responsible for his lateness. Asra seems to worry just as much as Mariane, even ignoring her lover’s half-hearted
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AMightyHeart - Councell 1 Judy Councell LANG 120 Molly...

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