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Marriage He starts by proposing the purpose of marriage, which he believes is to produce children and to do things in “common”. The word ‘common’ was almost another way of saying ‘accessible’. He thought property should be common to both and that they should share everything with each other, so much so that they are not even ashamed of their bodies with one another. He believed that a married couple having a child was a significant event, but not so much for the husband, because the pregnancy could have happened without marriage, and there was always a level of uncertainty from the man because the pregnancy could have been caused by someone else if his wife had been unfaithful. To be sure that nothing like this happens, the couple needs to be honest. For marriage to be “deserving of emulation” or praise, he thought married couples should be on equal footing in many different ways. He thought couples should perfectly share companionship, show concern for one another, bear children, and do all of this through
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Unformatted text preview: sickness and health. When they achieve this and then try to outdo each other, then they’ve achieved his idea of an ideal marriage. Then he goes on to point out what can make a marriage bad…which happens when one partner becomes totally self absorbed and concerned with themselves, unable to stop themselves from thinking about what is outside their home, because they don’t want to confront their partner. At this point the marriage is destroyed and he condemns the couple to one of two fates, which he talks about in this quote. “…Either they finally get divorced from one another or they continue on in an existence that is worse than loneliness.” (last sentence) It pretty much speaks for itself, but being alone was feared among ancient people, especially women. So to say that living unhappily with a partner is worse than loneliness is a really strong statement about how necessary it was for marriage to be honest if a couple wanted to be ideal....
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