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Unformatted text preview: sit:   https://catalyst.uw.edu/webq/survey/hinchd/195502 ENV H 311: Lesson 2. Ecology ENV H 311: Intro. to Environmental Health 7 2 Lesson 2. Ecology 3 April 2013 Lesson Overview   On Friday:   Human Population Growth   Limits to Growth ?   Impacts of human activities   Today: Basic Principles of Ecology   Ecosystems   Energy & Food Webs   Bio-geo-chemical cycles ENV H 311: Lesson 2. Ecology 8 Lesson Objectives   Know the basic principles of ecology   Understand how ecological concerns can impact human health and well being   Examine the influence of human population growth and the potential effects on regional and global ecosystems ENV H 311: Lesson 2. Ecology 9 Principles of Ecology ENV...
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This note was uploaded on 12/01/2013 for the course ENV H 311 taught by Professor Treser during the Winter '08 term at University of Washington.

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