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Lecture outline for Monday, September 17, 2007 (Chem 100, section 2) Finish up sample problems from ends of previous classes (% composition to empirical formula, and % yield) Properties of Solutions Solution Concentration (Molarity, etc.) Solution stoichiometry problems Energetics of dissolving Brief Introduction to intermolecular (interparticle) forces Predicting solubilities in a liquid solvent If time: Using solubility tables for ionic compounds Concentration Units: M = mol (X) L (soln.) mM = mmol (X) L (soln.) molality = mol (X) k g (solvent) g (X) 100 mL (solvent) wt .% = g (X) 100 g (soln.) ppm = mg (X) kg (soln.) mole fraction = mole (X) mole (X) + mole (solvent) Energetics of dissolving a solute in solvent when the overall process is endothermic ( Δ E dissolving > 0). figure from ACS Chemistry 1st ed.2005 Grab-bag quiz on Wednesday will be first 15 minutes of class, and will include questions similar to the Grab- bag problems from Chapter 3. There will be on-line homework due today, Friday and next Monday.
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