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CJ Michaud 23 Jan 2008 WRT 219 _____________________ As I recall, it was one of my parents and me, driving our car or van to a store on a sunny  or  cloudy day. The store was crowded or empty, and I was feeling a little warm, or cold. Either  way,  the scene was set. First we entered the store and may or may not have been greeted by the door  person. We then perused the aisles for a certain amount of time, selecting various items and  putting them in our cart. After that certain amount of time, we proceeded to the checkout. Oh, the  checkout. It's funny how this is all just rushing back to me! After we waited in a long or short  line,  my parent began unloading the cart's contents. I, however, was fixed in the opposite direction,  drooling in awe over the seemingly endless shelves of candy. My normally timid body was now 
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Unformatted text preview: trembling in excitement as my eyes poured over this Mecca of chewy and chocolatey goodness. I glanced over my shoulder to see old people doing some old people things. In a flash my head whipped back to once again view my prize, and not two seconds later a luscious pack of Zebra striped bubble gum was off the shelf and into my awaiting pocket. Blood pressure soaring, no doubt, I calmly reverted my attention back to my parent. We lefts the store through one of the exits where the doors swung or slid, got into a vehicle, and turned east or west to head back home. I guess there are just some things one never forgets....
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