Topic 15 - Intro to KTT Conditions

Are sufficient condition if is a kkt point and f is

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Unformatted text preview: and f is pseudoconvex and quasiconvex, then ̅ is a global minimum. ̅ are Sufficient Condition: If ̅ is a KKT point and f is locally pseudoconvex and locally quasiconvex, then ̅ is a local minimum. Necessary Condition: If ̅ is a local minimum and then ̅ is a KKT point. ̅ are ̅ are locally pseudoconcave, In the next section of notes, we will focus on constraint qualifications (CQs). These CQs are presented in the following form. If ̅ is a local minimum and some CQ holds, then ̅ is a KKT point. That is,...
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