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February 12, 2008 Module 11 Vision Sensory Function- First we sense- we detect physical energy and encode it as neural signals . o Sensation Then we perceive- we select, organize, and interpret Processing Sensory analysis can be bottom-up processing, or top-down processing Vision Light energy stimulates our eyes and our brains convert this to color Wavelength determines hue (color) KNOW THE EYE AND THE ORDER The Eye Retina Rods
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o Black and white o Low light sensitive Cones----LOOK UP IN BOOK—(help see color) Rods and cones generate neural signals that activate bipolar cells Bipolar cells then activate ganglion cells Ganglion cells converge to form optic nerve
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Unformatted text preview: Where the optic nerve leaves the eye there are no receptor cells o BLIND SPOT Visual information processing Feature detectives Parallel processing o Color, depth, movement, and form Trichromatic Theory Young-Helmholtz- three types of cones o Red, green, and blue Most color-deficient people are not actually colorblind Does not explain color-deficiencies well Does not explain “afterimages” The truth about color The retina processes color according to Trichromatic cells and sends information to the thalamus which uses opponent-process cells...
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module11_psychnotes_2_12_08 - Where the optic nerve leaves...

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