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casestudy subjective - Student Name Jessica Parnell...

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Student Name: Jessica Parnell Geriatric Health Assessment Subjective Data: Health History EM a single, Caucasian female that is 86 years of age. Was admitted to WM on 5/22/O6 by Norwalk hospital. Birthdate: 1O/25/1921. Has been diagnosed with; senile cachexia, H/O vascular dementia, chronic pain, digoxin toxicity, EKG changes, altered mental status, HTN, A-fib, CVA, depression, dementia, osteoporosis, irritable bowel syndrome, lactose intolerance, sepsis, CHF, vitamin B deficiency. She is allergic to amoxicillin, penecillins, milk products and macrodanton. Health Perception-Health Management: EM is a DNR and has a healthcare proxy who has power of attorney to make healthcare decision for her. She has receieved her flu shot 7/28/O7 as a preventative health care measure. Also, she plays her piano as a preventative physical therapy measure. She is on many medications including: Digitek: for her atrial fibrilation. Actonel weekly: for osteoporosis. Cyanocobalmin: for vitamin B deficiency. Vitamin D softgel: for maintenance of the organ system. Diltiazem CD: for HTN. Furosemide: for congestive heart failure. Psyllium: for irritable bowel syndrome. Miacalcin: for vitamin D regulation and osteoporosis. Ocuvite: to maintain eye structure. Calcium Carbonate: for acid reflux. Oxycodone: for chronic pain. Pilocarpine HCL: for glaucoma. Bisacodyl: for irritable bowel syndrome.
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casestudy subjective - Student Name Jessica Parnell...

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