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Alexander Calder ENG 115-19: Introduction to Literature Lonergan Connections Paper Due: April 11, 2007 Connects Between: You Can Count On Me and Lobby Hero IN the movie ( You Can Count On Me ) and the play ( Lobby Hero ) both by Kenneth Lonergan some of the same themes and ideas reoccur/can be seen throughout. This paper will focus on Character Traits, Character Motivations, Mood/Tone, and Character and Family Relationships. In Lobby Hero we are introduced to Jeff, a young confused yet motivated individual. Jeff, although he is confused on what is important in life, has the ideas in his head that he wants to get his life on track. By working as a uniformed security guard in
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Unformatted text preview: high-rise apartment in Manhattan he is saving money towards he own apartment and paying his brother back. Where as in You Can Count On Me we are introduce to Terry Prescott the younger brother of Sammy Prescott. He is also younger and confused, but throughout the movie it becomes clear to him what is important in life. Coming home to Scottsville, New York; Terry is a lost man, he owes money to people, he has recently been in jail and has no money to his name. After spending some time with Sammy’s son Rudy he seems to take a liking to the boy, and wants to help him grow-up and have a father-like figure in his life....
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