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offering bearer

offering bearer - Parnell 1 Jessica Parnell Art History#10...

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Parnell 1 Jessica Parnell Art History#10 Dr. Phillip Eliasoph Term Paper 28 November 2006 The Offering Bearer The stylistic characteristics of art in ancient Egypt are easily recognizable, even to the amateur viewer it can be easy to distinguish art from this period of time. In sculptures, the originality takes its form in theme, rigidity of pose, contradictory perspectives in the portrayal of the human figure and the use of paint which is used to represent the use of make up on the human face. These qualities were apparent through out Egyptian history which began in Predynastic Period (4,300-3000 B.C.E) and continued for three millenniums. There are however, significant differences between the periods of Egyptian history, but the reasons why a monolithic aesthetic endured for some three thousand years lie in the Egyptians conceptions of time and space, conceptions that can ultimately be traced to a single source, to the physical setting that gave birth to one of the most splendid civilizations of the ancient world: the Nile river valley. The Egyptian artists were therefore influenced by his surroundings both social and natural to create a balance of harmony and maat (time honored principles). Even though it is considered to be fine art, representational art was not meant for the delectation of an informed observer, nor was intended to be placed on public view. Rather, it played a crucial religious and mortuary role for
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Parnell 2 those of higher social class. Function cannot be separated from the objects that have come to be considered the very pinnacle of Egyptian creativity; in fact, the purposes served by Egyptian art represent the primary reason for its remarkable resistance to innovation. These purposes pertained to two realms; the present life and the afterlife. The offering bearer represents a woman carrying a basket of meat, a duck and bread on the top of her head. The elaborate dress and sets of jewelry worn by the woman indicates a higher and more special status than that of simply attired working women in other similar works of art. The woman is made of wood
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