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Jessica Parnell Dr.White ENW 11 Contrast #2 Sun in St. Thomas or Powda in Utah Traveling can be exciting and adventurous, as well as hectic, no matter where in the world your travels take you. Throughout my life I have traveled to many unique places. However, two specific vacations stick out in my mind. This past summer I went on a cruise to the Virgin Islands with six of my closest friends. During February vacation of 2006, I went to Park City, Utah for a ski trip with my family as well as two other families. Before both of the trips I felt the same exact way, I was exceedingly excited and overwhelmed by the anticipation of the opportunity to get away from my regular everyday life with the people that meant the most to me. There are many differences between these two vacation spots. For example, the people I went on the vacation with, the weather, the atmosphere, the food I ate and the activities we did while on vacation are just some of the differences between Utah and the Islands. I was woken up at two fifty one a.m. by my sister Danielle dumping an ice cold glass of water on my head while screaming, “Get up or you are not coming! Every one is here, get up!” It was July, 1, 2006 and I was being woken up because the limo, that was taking me and my friends to the airport to catch a plane to Miami, was here along with all of the girls. I jumped out of bed and was all ready to go. The girls and I decided to spend our last night in Nashua before we left for a week partying and hanging out with all of our closest friends. Needless to say, I had just got home twenty minutes prior to Danny’s ice cold alarm clock. Everyone loaded there luggage into the limo as quick as they possibly could, and we were on our way. All the girls were surprisingly excited and energetic considering the lack of sleep we got the last night. We arrived in Boston around four and our plane was taking off at five twenty. A few of us decided to take a pit stop at Starbucks, and then continued to get checked in by security. We boarded the plane, found our seats and before the plane had lifted off the runway we were all stone cold passed out. When we arrived in Miami it was very
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hectic. Our luggage had to be transported in two separate van taxi cabs where we traveled from the airport to the ship port. We were greeted in the parking lot of the ship port by many men who were willing to help us with our luggage onto the ship. They took our luggage and we proceeded to wait in line for two hours to board the ship. Finally the time had come. We had already been up for about ten hours and we finally had arrived; we were greeted by a man holding a tray of frozen cocktails. We each grabbed one and dashed up to our rooms to find our luggage hadn’t arrived to our room yet. Not to worry, we were prepared as we had each packed a bathing suit into our carry-on bags. We threw on our suits and sprinted with drink in hand to the nearest body of water
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#2contrast - Jessica Parnell Dr.White ENW 11 Contrast#2 Sun...

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