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Jessica Parnell ENW 11: Composition Paper#4: Short Argument 11/10/2006 Military Draft One of the most controversial issues for debate right now for the American public is the issue of instituting a military draft. Many presidents in the past including Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Carter, Reagan, Bush and Clinton have resorted to the draft. The draft, also known as universal service, was eliminated three decades ago due to the fact that we found we needed relatively fewer recruits to serve longer than provided. As the numbers of militia that was needed shrank, the unfairness of the draft became more clear and unpleasant. The military draft is unnecessary and should never be instituted by the government because the alternative of volunteering is sufficient. Not only is the draft unequal and inefficient, the United States simply does not need one. Currently there are 295 million people in the United States and 2.6 million of them serve in the active and reserve aspects of the militia (Eniclerico 65). Presently, the Army and Marines are exceeding their recruiting goals, not to mention the retention of their members is great. Of the Army’s ten active duty divisions, nine are above the re- enlistment goals set by the government by at least 5% or more. In addition, since
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militarydraft - Jessica Parnell ENW 11: Composition...

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