12-4-07 - SOC 302 Professor Fuchs December 4 2007 Durkheim...

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SOC 302 Professor Fuchs December 4, 2007 Durkheim Sociology 1. Encounters and Interaction Rituals 2. A Grid/Group Theory of Social Structure 3. Variations in Culture The ritual as it proceeds creates a collective emotional mood which stores whatever the original focus is on with the energy of the group; so that for Durkheim the ritual is like charging a battery; the battery is the totem/sacred image; the outcome is solidarity; we have heard that for Durkheim solidarity is not a contract or a rational agreement rather it’s the emotional sense of mutual commitment and belonging; of course most encounters are not rituals; we will call encounter any episode of a face to face interaction; for Durkheim rituals can only do what they do under conditions of co- presence (being aware of each other’s presence, which includes the presence of their bodies); rituals are PHYSICAL affairs; the rituals require a co-presence which is a major reason why there are ineffective macro rituals; in large societies rituals become local affairs and because of this they become local objects; these local objects do not have a binding moral obligations for societies Rituals take time to build up; it takes time to build up the collective energy and excitement of the group; most interactions through which we move in an every day basis are not rituals; interaction rituals are things we do on an every day basis that meet the requirements of a ritual; conversation analysis- what do you observe when you
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12-4-07 - SOC 302 Professor Fuchs December 4 2007 Durkheim...

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