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Chronology of St. Augustine of Hippo. - Christian period. 354 - born. 373 - Manichee. 383-386 - Converts to Neo-Platonism. - Vision of Milan. Neoplatonist mystical vision. 385 - Against the Skeptics. ( Contra Academicos. ) optimistic view of human nature. 387 - Converts to Catholicism. – baptized by Ambrose in Milan. - Dialogues. Also optimistic. Little evidence of guilt or pessimism. 388 - Return to Africa. Monica dies at Ostia. - Vision of Ostia – Book nine of Conf. 391 - Forcibly ordained a priest at Hippo Regius. - 90’s a difficult, dry period for A. - writer’s block. unfinished or lost works. If he had died in 395 he would have remained an unknown obscure person. 395 - Simplicianus, bishop of Milan, writes A. asking for clarification about St. Paul’s letter to the Romans. Ad Simplicianum de Diversis Quaestionibus. 396 - Becomes Bishop of Hippo.
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Unformatted text preview: - Writes the Confessions , the On Christian Education , Begins the de Trinitate .- By 400 he is assured ta place as one of the greatest thinkers in W. history. Controversy with Pelagius. 410 - Pelagius attacks The Confessions X, 29 (40- Sack of Rome by the Visigoths. 411 - A. attacks Pelagius. 412 - Augustine writes The Spirit and the Letter . 413 - Aug. starts to write The City of God . 416-422- City of God appears in installments. 416 & 418 - Pelgius condemned by two North African synods. He fades into obscurity. Controversy with Bishop Julian of Eclanum. (So. Italy.) 420 - 430 - A. engaged in bitter dispute with Julian of Eclanum, a follower of Pelagius. Most of A.'s pessimistic and gloomy writings date from this period. Esp. the Opus imperfectum contra Julianum . 430 - August 28 - Augustine dies....
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