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critical summary - I could have caught grammar errors in...

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Reflection Paper Name: Tami Kunst Critical Summary Having an opportunity to reflect upon your writing, my comments, and the grading guide, respond to the following questions. 1. What did you like about your paper? What went well? What was effective? Truthfully, I didn’t like this paper one bit. I had trouble writing because I didn’t enjoy the topic at all. The only thing that went well was the organization of the paper. I understood the story but had a hard time critiquing it. 2. Where in the writing process could you have caught your errors?
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Unformatted text preview: I could have caught grammar errors in the revising, but the other errors I probably wouldn’t have even caught if I had read over it a hundred times. I really didn’t understand the whole idea behind writing something like this. Even after I had read all the handouts, I was still confused. 3. What would you have done differently if given the chance to rewrite the paper? I would have asked for more help!!! Also, I would have edited a little bit more....
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