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Tami Kunst Language and Rhetoric Final Portfolio Greatest Need After review of the major essays written this semester, my greatest need of improvement appears to be with insight. Throughout all four essays, my lowest score on each rubric was in insight. At the beginning of the semester, insight was the least familiar term when learning of the six principles of writing. In high school, teachers primarily told exactly what was expected in a paper and rarely explained that one should go beyond the obvious facts. Because of grade school teachings, insight was a problem from the very beginning. According to class notes, insight is within the body and it makes a point that most
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Unformatted text preview: people wouldn’t think of. A writer’s creative ways of addressing issues, especially issues that a reader may doubt, aides in the support as well. With unthought-of explanations, it develops a new direction in which one’s paper may head toward. Insight allows for opinion in that the explanations for the issues of the paper may be a writer’s personal thoughts. Also, insight creates more debate within the essay. New reasons to support the paper, allow the opposition to dislike or like the paper even more....
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