ME2320SolTEST3Fall07 - Name: E _ 12—flT—2Ufl?...

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Unformatted text preview: Name: E _ 12—flT—2Ufl? MEZSEIJ. THERMUDVNAMICS I TEST N0. 3 I. The adiabatic eempreaaur Uf a refrigeration system eempreaaaa saturated R134a vapor al 1]“ C in fiflfl kF’a and 51:} "£2. {a} What is {he iaantmpie efficieney of this cflmpreaaor’? {b} If the mass flow rate of refrigerant at the inlet is i kgi’a, what is the rate of entropy generated by this; eampreaaar'? {e} What would the minimum power input be far a mmpreeanr working under these eanditiena? {3.5 paints} lnia‘i‘: P1, 1 flag 1 “Pa Eta-lit Pei.” («cori’q _+! fi'bfiiae "FL:0‘C[ga-i_wpor) 11:36:: E a in: 2475.22: 3; :flfififiifi '- 5" ‘" u~ EL 49‘: a page 1» e0 Ci [ ‘1 “hip Im- agenira pie PmCeE a: ._ SE: 35.109915} Wfaiirv’leei QM «017 lid/“h Pa: (900 We 5 0- aoqj ~2S‘M ‘i O~ ll "— hers 0.33g3_ 2:57am This: 1: h‘i-heis : mus-mm }Q:o,344/ heme Mala—~2‘im4 3331/1 '4' lgbitr‘x : $3.3 FELlluDflgi'i’fl-CHC? 084—253: IE—W—Eflfl'? 2. 3111' at SUE] kPEI and 4110 K entcE‘S an adiabatic node at a velflcity 01" 3D mfs and lfla'u'fifi at 232.3] ? 1:133 and 35:] K. Determine {a} the isnnl‘rnpie efficiency, {h} actual exit VQIDCHF, and {c} the entropy generation. {3.5 pte). Air Cuiwj 0L5 'm‘e): 1. U“: 3,0)"75 EXP} "T. fielfiflfififl’e .irivllull-I . .. ._._I Elk" q? 1 h Te; $0 FE K 55 5,66- - . “k PH : 3‘30? 1:01” {WWW Petr-‘55: fie Ea?“ : Wham) PL can 03 Re; (NH-phesfiwfi n he 1 2 ‘" 2930'qu 5 EA“ (1 “ft-hm mane—3445.42 ” “0' g Vfixi:3iqa lEa{€% 9: 315m 2513431: 3: fig: HQLH PL 38% :Lgsneg -1mm¢_CU.;31)LY1(:3:::7) an: Ofi‘lmgi—‘L giJfif/Z 12 — err—zen? 3. A Carnot heat engine receives heat at T50 K and rejeete the waste to the environment at 3th] K. The entire work output of the heat engine is used to drive e Carnot refrigerator that removes heat from the eoeled entree at — 15 "C an a rate ef4flti kit'min and rejeets it to the same environment nt 300 K. Determine {a} the rate of heat supplied to the heat engine, and (b) the total rate of heat rejection to the environment (3 points}. it QEViceS LEOFK/ 15m FE.Er':5€t’ 3”” en Z9292. ’ _, H3 Site"? WEE—71m 4005; Nth :QHEFQL’EH b 1mm 0 g 750K. flea Wm : to c gen new has} Wtr‘if‘: r we,» ‘3 ’th H730. wlfl}®wftwt b.3530) (ELK; 3’00 ear: (L a QLJI‘ W : ...
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This homework help was uploaded on 04/07/2008 for the course ME 232 taught by Professor Monefort during the Spring '08 term at Western Michigan.

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ME2320SolTEST3Fall07 - Name: E _ 12—flT—2Ufl?...

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