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McLean 1 Sarah McLean English 111 Heather Pristash September 2006 Essay 2: Draft 1 “We are the music makers; we are the dreamers of dreams.” -Arthur O'Shaughnessy This quote from Arthur O’Shaughnessy’s “Ode” was recently used as the motto for the 2005-2006 District Solo and Ensemble Music Festival. Although a tad cheesy to people outside of the bubble, to many musicians it perfectly sums up the way music affects them. Music is one of the oldest forms of entertainment. Marching bands first showed up as a way of directing military troops on the battlefield; however, they were slowly phased out and used only for traditional military rituals. Although the exact date is unknown, beginning around the 20 th century marching bands began being used as halftime entertainment at football games. As marching band shows progressed, competing bands began holding competitions, and eventually Drum Corp International (DCI) was founded in 1972. Since then many more forms of marching band have developed, some more competitive than others; however all forms of marching band take time as well as effort. Even though, members of marching bands are often subject to ridicule and unfair treatment. Other students mock and make fun of them and teachers refuse to excuse marching band related absences. Irregardless of the way people view marching band, it should be recognized as a sport and treated as such at a collegiate level.
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McLean 2 Most typical football fans see halftime as the perfect opportunity to take a bathroom break or a trip to the concession stand for a hot dog or popcorn. Most feel that the “real athletes” are taking a break and they should too. However, they are missing out on a huge athletic event. As most marching band members say, halftime is game time. While a football play lasts anywhere from five seconds to a minute and a half and a home
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Argumentative Essay Final - McLean 1 Sarah McLean English...

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