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McLean 1 Sarah McLean English 112 Paul Bissa 31 March 2007 Research Essay – Rough Draft In the past few years our country has faced many highly debatable topics, and sure enough we have debated them. These topics have ranged from abortion to stem cell research. However, most of these debated topics will not affect the majority of Americans. There is one pressing political issue that will affect 68.6% of the people in this country directly (College Enrollment and Work Activity). This issue is one that has caused controversy for over 30 years. It is Affirmative Action. While a large majority of the people in the United States, mainly white males, believes Affirmative Action is merely reverse racism, they fail to see the amount of good that it can accomplish. Most people who do not benefit from Affirmative Action assume it hurts them. Most are unaware of what Affirmative Action actually entails. Many people have cited Affirmative Action as being the reason they were not accepted to college or were not offered a job, they are quick to blame Black Americans for taking away positions, however, few people are aware of what Affirmative Action really is and who it supports. Recently a University of Tennessee student announced at the University of Michigan's Ann Arbor campus: "Either you're for racism, injustice, and inequality or you're for justice and equality-- which is affirmative action." Occasionally the message turns ugly. At the same campus, graffiti scrawled in yellow chalk declared: "Only niggers want affirmative action
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McLean 2 (Davis)." This goes to show how many people are quite ignorant when it comes to Affirmative Action, and actually have no idea quite what it entails. Most importantly Affirmative Action benefits many more people than just Black Americans; Affirmation Action is considered retribution from the government for past wrongs; it is also used to fill quotas of minorities within corporations, businesses and offices. Because of these reasons Affirmative Action is needed in the workplace and in universities. The main group which claims to be most affected by Affirmative Action is white, upper class and upper middle class students. Many people feel this is the case because they believe a college will accept a sub-par black applicant over a qualified white applicant. It is a common misconception that Affirmative Action simply gives jobs away to under qualified black applicants. However, there are a large number of people who benefit from Affirmative Action. Affirmative Action actually gives a boost to women, racial and ethnic minorities, people with disabilities and/or people with handicaps and war veterans. Affirmative Action is also helping families be able to support themselves. Since approximately 50% of marriages end in divorce and that in most cases custody of
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Researched Essay - Final Draft - McLean 1 Sarah McLean...

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