Week 4-Cinematography-Pleasantville

Week 4-Cinematography-Pleasantville - One of the most...

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One of the most striking color changes was when Mary Sue/Jennifer tells Betty about sex. Then Betty is in the bathtub and the tree outside her window spontaneously combusts. All of Mr. Johnson’s artwork was distinctive as well. Right as he is starting to pick up the hobby of painting, the world is gradually transforming into color. It would be so neat to have your world suddenly transformed, but to be an artist and know you could manipulate those changes made it special. My favorite pictures and scenes from films are always ones in which the people are not the main subject. I loved the scene on Lovers Lane that was focused on the car and the trees around them. The color palette used, the lighting and the way everything is just slightly out of focus made it seem dreamlike. There were many scenes in this film that mimicked another film in some way, there were also many smaller allusions to films. When Toby McGuire spins in the rain is similar to when the main character in The Shawshank
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