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Basic Argument Speech

Basic Argument Speech - -Basic Argument SpeechName Stephen...

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-Basic Argument Speech- Name: Stephen Raisch Date: 02/18/2007 Instructor: Jarae Andreasen 1.Title of Speech: Why the U.S. and Other World Powers Must Help Africa Now 2. Speaker Role/ Audience: A supporter for aiding Africa 3. Specific Purpose of Speech: To convince the audience that aiding Africa is the right thing to do. Presentation Outline---- I. Brief Introduction and History of Topic : Could you imagine waking up with no clothes on your back in the heart of Sub- Saharan Africa? You look down and see a body far thinner than any supermodel you have ever seen; not because you choose to, but because you have no reliable source of food. How can a continent with such minimal economic independence ever become a participant in globalization in today’s world? If we (the United States) along with other world powers do not devise a way to help Africa economically get up on its own two feet soon, the continent will continue to be run by exploitive European companies seeking raw materials, who after purchasing them will then trade the finished good back to Africa gaining a bigger profit than Africa. And I ask you this, how can such a poverty and famine stricken country gain any economic independence on its own? It cannot, along with violence, Africa is a prime example of a
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