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HIS101 WWII Paper - Conference at Yalta

HIS101 WWII Paper - Conference at Yalta - WWII Exploration...

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WWII Exploration: Conference of Yalta The Conference of Yalta took place in the presence of Winston Churchill, Joseph Stalin, and President Franklin Roosevelt on February 4-11, 1945. (Yalta) This was an important time for the Allied leaders to meet. In the midst of Germany’s defeat, many questions concerning post-war Europe needed answers. Also, the Teheran Conference left decisions like whether battle-torn countries would adopt a democratic or communist government unanswered. (Brinkley 756) Following the meeting of the “Big Three”, Roosevelt and America truly believed that they had taken the first step toward order in post-war Europe. However, many of the decisions made were stated vaguely, also, there was a lack of specificity in the signed agreement. For example, Stalin promised pro-Western seats in governments under Soviet control, however, he did not specify how many seats he would actually grant. (Brinkley 758) Stalin had no intention of keeping this promise because he had already installed a pro-communist government in nearby countries.
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