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Unformatted text preview: sequences if we don’t figure out how to accommodate this rising demand. ) HSR has high capacity and does not trade off with freight Todorovich, Director of America 2050, a national urban planning initiative to develop an infrastructure and growth strategy for the United States, et al, 2011 (Petra, High Speed Rail; a lesson for U.S. policy makers, pg. 39;FAS) (By adding capacity to the railway network, high-speed rail can divert a large share of passenger rail service to new, dedicated tracks, thus freeing up capacity on the conventional rail network for freight and other intercity and commuter rail services. For example, the United Kingdom has chosen to address capacity constraints on its West Coast Main Line with the implementation of the proposed High Speed 2 (HS2) line. In Japan, the main motivation for implementing the Tokaido line between Tokyo and Osaka was to provide additional capacity to the transportation network , rather than to reduce travel times (Givoni 2006).) HSR uses land efficiently Todor...
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