economic decline causes great power warsmultiple

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Unformatted text preview: illion women and men still unemployed in real terms and a real unemployment rate of 16.6% -- is frontally challenged by pursuing all of the low-hanging job-creating initiatives -- of which four has now become seven -- it's not possible to anticipate a sustained economic recovery that fully revitalizes the middle class. But when they are picked and enacted, then the engines of economic growth will start to turn over and really roar.} Jobs are key to economic recovery Gerard and Hindery, Jr., co-chairs of the task force on jobs creation, 5/15/2012 (Leo W. and Leo, Re Jobs, Pick the Low Hanging Fruit, 5/15/2012,, Access: 7/3/2012) AGI {The big immediate opportunity, however, is the pending highway bill and the projected 2.9 million jobs it would almost immediately create before the summer and fall construction seasons bleed away. This bill is, in fact, such an obvious massive, immediate job creator that if the Republicans in Con...
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