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Unformatted text preview: of the major players in high-speed rail -- including Munich-based Siemens, Paris-based Alstom and Montreal-based Bombardier -- already have light-rail manufacturing facilities in the United States. Siemens' Hauck estimates that his company has 1,200 employees supporting rail manufacturing in the United States . Siemens plans to hire an additional 250 people at its U.S. rail facilities over the next year or so, to build 70 electric locomotives for Amtrak as part of a $466 million light-rail contract awarded in October. The Amtrak contract includes a "Buy America" clause mandating 50% U.S. content, "but that content is measured all the way down to the subcomponent level," Hauck points out, "so two levels down the bill of materials." "If you take the current "Buy America" requirement that is being talked about in Congress for [high-speed rail] projects because they have stimulus money or federal money in them, that would be 100% Buy America, but only to the first level of the bill of materials. So that means some subcomponents could then be imported."Regardless of whether a hig...
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