impact module instabilitywar economic decline causes

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Unformatted text preview: in all of them, including expanding markets; making business travel more efficient; and encouraging mixed-use development. Among its conclusions, the report argued for looking at these networks "in the broader context of a changing economy" that includes more long-distance tourism and business travel, and ever-wider markets and supply chains. In 2035, the report says, high-speed rail networks around these four hubs could generate as much as $19 billion in new business .} Solvency: US HSR Spurs Domestic Investment US HSR spurs domestic investment- consumer confidence Cotey, Associate Editor for Progressive Railroading, June 2011 (Angela, Calinfornia HSR officials contend with criticism, June 2011,, Access: 7/4/2012) AGI <<But for CHSRA to achieve its larger vision, the authority will need tens of billions of dollars in additional funding — federal dollars included. The uncertainty surrounding the...
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