these trends are just about what youd expect from

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Unformatted text preview: cal unrest that cuts supply, as in the case of Libya's political upheaval last year, or economic boom times in growing countries like China. "We are not running out of oil, but we are running out of oil that can be produced easily and cheaply," King and Murray wrote. We’ll make a key distinction, the question is not oil production it’s the price at which oil can be produced- none of your evidence speaks to sustainable prices merely physical supply Jim Jubak (writing for MSN Money) 2/6/2012 The real cost of 'peak oil' Now that the world is awash in oil, the only people talking about peak oil are those who oppose the idea. They are dancing on what they depict as the grave of what they call a "theory" that wasn't worth the graph paper it was plotted on. Well, I still think that the peak oil model is a useful description of what we see happening in the oil industry today -- even if West Texas Intermediate, the U.S. benchmark, closed at a twitch under $100 a barrel on Friday, Feb....
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