1 as a result manufacturing productivity growth rates

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Unformatted text preview: ategorically affirm that no grievance can justify resort to terror. Democracies provide legitimate means for expressing dissent. They provide the right to engage in political activity, and must continue to do so. However, for this very reason, they cannot afford to be soft on terror. Terrorism exploits the freedom our open societies provide to destroy our freedoms. The United States and India must work together in all possible forums to counter all forms of terrorism. We cannot be selective in this area. We must fight terrorism wherever it exists, because terrorism anywhere threatens democracy everywhere. Adv: Manufacturing Industry 1AC/2AC Add-On Manufacturing sector on the brink – poised to expand Scott, 2008 (Robert E., The importance of manufacturing, February 13, 2008, http://www.gpn.org/bp211/bp211.pdf, July 2, 2012, pg 4-5 ; FAS) The manufacturing sector has struggled to expand as the United States has become more integrated into the global marketplace. A lack of supportive U.S. trade an...
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