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Unformatted text preview: d for their products. By demonstrating an ongoing commitment to building and operating a high quality passenger rail system, the Midwestern states can create an environ- ment in which local manufacturers have a dependable base of demand from which to build. As discussed below, this will require a commitment from state and federal gov- ernment to provide stable funding for high speed rail operations and construction. Ultimately, the full economic benefit of a revived passenger rail industry lies in Midwestern firms producing not just for the region’s own needs, but also for the world market in passenger rail equipment. To that end, the Midwest should devise and implement a long-term strategy for building a vibrant, globally competitive passenger rail industry. Local manufac- turers are likely capable of producing the equipment needed for a 110 mph network, but for higher speed trains, of the sort that are under consideration the route between St. Louis and Chicago, foreign expertise will likely be required at first. As the Midwes...
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