A national high speed rail system would generate

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Unformatted text preview: a worsening talent shortage that threatens the future of the industry. Among the survey's 1,123 respondents, 67 percent reported a moderate to severe shortage of available qualified workers and 56 percent anticipate this shortage to grow worse in the next three to five years. Additionally, results reveal that 5 percent of current jobs are unfilled because qualified candidates cannot be found. When asked to look ahead three to five years, respondents indicate that access to a highly skilled, flexible workforce is the single most important factor for their future business success, well ahead of other factors, including new product innovation and increased market share. The manufacturing industry, like many industries, is undergoing a rapid evolution spurred by technology advances, globalization and shifting demographics. An aging and retiring workforce, combined with technological advances, outmoded talent recruitment and management processes, and continued global expansion are taking their toll. The shortage of qualified workers has...
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