All these factors taken together mean that climate

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Unformatted text preview: ically in terms of international migration will be tiny compared to the migration brought about by the magnitude of future pressures on vulnerable populations. All these factors taken together mean that climate change, especially if left unabated, threatens to increase poverty and overwhelm the capacity of governments to meet the basic needs of their people, which could well contribute to the emergence, spread and longevity of conflict. As you certainly know better than me, these are the reasons why militaries around the world are planning for climate change, adjusting their budgets, their strategies and their priorities. This is understandable, but the very scale of the security problem in a world that begins to panic over the advanced impacts of climate change could overwhelm any single country’s ability to defend against it, let alone pay the cost to do so. High Speed Rail decreases traffic congestion Longman, senior fellow at the New American Foundation, 2/22/2011 (Phillip, Back on Tracks, 2/22/2011,, Access: 7/1/2012) AGI {Looking for a...
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