Amtrak trains in and out of new york city already

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Unformatted text preview: ite of Dick Durbin, , DKE) [Rail travel is experiencing consistent growth across America. In FY2010 Amtrak ridership hit a record high of 28.7 million passengers and ridership is on pace to break that record at the end of FY2011 . States and communities around the country are eager for federal funds to help promote high speed and intercity rail. Last year, the Department of Transportation received nearly 100 applications for high speed rail funding, but only able to fulfill fewer than half of those requests.] US Funding blocked now – needs a federal commitment Mead, Professor of Foreign Affairs and Humanities at Bard College, 12 (Walter, 1-4-12, The American Interestvia meadia; DKE) [Republicans have what looks at this early stage like a lock on the House in 2012 and seem likely to win the Senate. That means federal funding for more high speed rail is as dead as the dodo for some time to come; without vast federal help...
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