Amtrak trains in and out of new york city already

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Unformatted text preview: ructure owned by freight railroads. The Federal Railroad Administration is requiring that railroads commit to specific travel time improvements for passenger rail and to invest additional funds if those ser- vice outcomes are not met.138 In addition, excess track capacity that is not needed immediately for passenger rail service must remain available for future passenger rail use, even if that excess capacity was built with a mix of federal and private funds. While working cooperatively with pri- vate freight railroads, the Federal Railroad Administration should continue its efforts to hold those entities accountable if their activities hinder expansion and successful operation of faster passenger rail service. Finally, the nation needs to articulate a vision for the future of America’s rail network and measure progress toward the achievement of that vision. The Obama administration’s efforts begin fleshing out a vision for high-speed rail in America, but a fully developed vision would include a compelling...
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