As such exogenous shocks such as economic crises

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Unformatted text preview: gress continue to stall it from passing out of conference, there can be no better example of just how extremist in their governance they have become. Unless the real unemployment jobs crisis -- with 26.7 million women and men still unemployed in real terms and a real unemployment rate of 16.6% -- is frontally challenged by pursuing all of the low-hanging job-creating initiatives -- of which four has now become seven -- it's not possible to anticipate a sustained economic recovery that fully revitalizes the middle class. But when they are picked and enacted, then the engines of economic growth will start to turn over and really roar.} Economic decline causes great power wars—multiple studies Royal, Director of Cooperative Threat Reduction at the US Dept. of Defense, 10 [Jedidiah, “Economic Integration, Economic Signaling and the Problem of Economic Crisis,” Economics of War and Peace: Economic, Legal, and Political Perspectives, 2010 p. 205-224]bg Less intuitive is how periods of economic decline may increase the likelihood of external conflict . Political science literature...
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